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Latest Team News and Events

- October 8th -

Meeting Update:
- Invasive Species and Astro Tests today (UPDATE: results are up!)
- Pay Dues ($40 to Sanson, duct tape)
- Candy! =)

- October 6th -

The Fossils and Dynamic Trial Tests were today. Best of luck to everyone who took them. Espcially Dynamic. Also, a Trial Test Results 2015-16 Google SpreadSheet should have been shared with you. If not, contact the captains.

- October 3rd -

(Relatively) Major Update to Website, basically added a bunch of tables and a dropdown to the About Us tab that includes Officers and Competition Schedule pages.

- October 1st -

Meeting Update:
- Permission Slips and Emergency Medical Forms (here)
- Dues $40 plus + duct tape (AND 2 boxes of candy)
- Geomapping & Survery -> TODAY!!!!

- September 24th -

Meeting Update:
- SURVEY (My god just do it already)
- DUES ($40 plus roll of duct tape) -> Sanson ("Give me money ASAP")
- Trial Tests:
    -Geo Mapping Trial Test next Thursday (Oct 1)
    -Fossil and Dynamic on Tuesday (Oct 6)
    -Invasive and Astro on Thursday (Oct 8)
- Medical Forms

- September 23rd -

The Intranet is up and running here:
The idea is that we can more easily share links and tests, since anyone who logs in may edit pages for each event.

- September 17th -

Meeting Update:
- Fill out the d@rn survey!!!
- Update email info if new
- Trial Tests sign-ups for Geologic Mapping, Invasive Species, Fossils
- Club dues $40, give to Sanson (checks to Solon BOE, name in memo line)
- Turn in permission slips

- September 17th -

Finally got around to posting this info. Will make own page for it later on.

For the 2015-2016 Season:

(UPDATE 10/3/2015: DONE)

- September 24th -

We're off to a great start! Please check back here for more information about our 2016 Invitational and team news.